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Fulfillment & Return

Fulfillment & Return

When it comes to selling products on the European or Asian market, it’s always better to work with an integrated system and trustworthy local partner. We provide an E-Commerce solution where the cloud based ERP-System, Logistics and Shopping Processes are totally integrated. Our professional weekly reports will then help you to keep track on your sales in Europe or Asia!


The Fulfillment & Return Service includes the following items and is suitable for a wide range of product categories.​

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1. Integration

JCLinx welcomes you and reviews your product information. We will shortly provide you with a feedback and detailed information including an individualized strategy, which enables you for the best possible market entry.

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2. Warehousing

Depending on your product and strategy, an optimal warehouse will be selected, and your product will be safely stored.

3. Fulfillment

Incoming orders from your Website, eBay, Amazon or individual orders are automatically processed and shipped within 2-3 business days to your customer.

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4. Returns

JCLinx offers a professional return management, where returns are accepted and their condition will be checked. Depending on the condition the product can be re-stored or recycled. You will always be able to coordinate the further processing of the product

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